Tuesday, February 10, 2015


It seems like a decade ago, I bought a Keurig coffee maker, more as a test market than anything else. Looking at the undated cups and the price of the k-cups, I said, this will never survive long term; it's a fad. I returned the unit. More recently, I purchased a simple but snazzy red one at Target and would not want to be without it. The price of the cups? Yes, fifty to ninety cents a cup but no mess, quick, and the machine comes off with a hot steamy sound, like an espresso machine announcing it's final offering -- even a bit of crema. I find myself looking for a plug in car model -- too many watts for the car battery - so far. It turns out that the sealed cups while perishable have a long shelf life.

With the greatest of difficulty, Diane Added K-compatible cups to her fund raiser subscription line for Earth Friendly Coffee. Her coffee, while uniquely high quality and organic, accomplishes a significant social benefit on both ends of the supply chain. If you know a team, club, school or non-profit looking for a fund raiser, give Diane a call. -- Ask her about the roasting and milling equipment she with Rotary and the Earth Friendly Foundation are providing the Maya Ixil Cooperativa in Guatemala. -- The business has been nearly all wholesale, and this subscription line has been a challenge to develop. It encompasses a unique I-phone application.

Fortunately, I get all the French roast K-cups I can use every morning, but I don't mind the Tilly's from COSTCO either. I'm still looking for a Keurig for my truck.


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