Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Brazil decodes coffee genome

Another round in the issue of genetic modification. Free market competition, yes, but what about the traditional hill country farmer and his family? Super coffee will grow fast on massive clear cut low altitude full sun mechanized farms. What about the environment of the rain forest and a sense of safety with natural organic product? We are busy genetically enhancing our athletes, why not coffee?

We are pushing the frontier of evolution ever harder. Maybe that is a good thing. Survival pressure it seems works counter to the betterment of the human race. We kill off the cream of every generation in wars. We shelter and feed the criminal. Could human judgment do better with genetic manipulation. We as humans hunt each species into extinction, contrasted with other species of hunters that switch to another source of food before the first is wasted, giving it a chance to recover. We would probably genetically perfect ourselves to a point of specialization that leads to our own extinction at the onset of the next environmental challenge.

Ours may be a lost cause, but for now we will stick with our certified organic, chemical free, genetically true, high mountain, shade grown, slow ripening, hand picked, fair trade coffee. We will give the farmer three times market (fair trade or better) and eliminate the mechanized middle to bring to the house wife the highest quality Arabica with the taste of volcanic soil, fresh roasted to perfection and at a discounted price. Wholesale destribution is available to any qualifying fund raising organization.