Thursday, January 16, 2014

Roast Your Own

Roasters get into a lot of technicalities roasting coffee, but the one thing that they frequently neglect is in the care of the coffee after the roast while off gassing and later.

It is tempting to leave the coffee in open trays and it is easy to forget it and leave it there for longer periods of time. When in a closed container the accumulating CO2 prevents oxygenation. Worst case, the roaster will roast beans weeks ahead waiting for orders to package the coffee.

Did you know that you can easily roast your own coffee. For $75 you can buy a good countertop roaster, and if not, roast your coffee in a popcorn roaster. Native mountain families can be seen roasting in a 50 gal drum turned on a stick over an open campfire.

When you roast your own, you have the ultimate measure of freshness. Don't over roast. Do do a cupping exercise; it can be major family fun. Try several selections of green beans and cup them blind. Write down your conclusions. Make up your own attributes. You will be amazed how good coffee can taste.

Buy a 135# bag of organic, SHB, high mountain green beans of your choice. Store the bag in a cool dry pantry and enjoy a yield of around 111 lbs? about a year's supply.