Tuesday, November 20, 2012

SHB Arabica

With the extreme variability of coffee quality and lack of quality standards, why would you not subscribe to the fresh roasted delivery of the highest quality standard, single source organic coffee from Guatemala: SHB Arabica, Organic[1], Rain Forest.

The high volcanic mountain rain forests produce a limited supply of just such a product. Because of the limited quantity this coffee is found only from specialty coffee producers. The high canopied rain forest with nitrogen fixing roots supports semi wild Arabica coffee trees. Brought to Guatemala by Conquistadors of long ago, these trees thrive at high altitude. The trees produce a slow ripening cherry that suffers fewer diseases in the wild and in the thinner high mountain air than their counter part, plantation grown in the valley. The volcanic soil, rich in potassium, imparts a smooth mellow taste that lingers on the tongue.

Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) implies higher than 4,500 ft. the grading further specifies the size of the bean. 18 means the bean passes through an 18/64th inch screen but not through 16/64th.[2] It must be organic or chemical free which is quite feasible at higher altitude. Beans must be milled free of foreign matter and disease, delivered to the roaster green and uncontaminated by diesel fumes, heat, moisture or exposure and time.

Hand picked beans insures the ripeness and freedom from diseased beans, a few of which can spoil a batch. There are very few places in the world where all of these characteristics can coexist. Wild rain forest coffee is a thing of the past in Hawaii.

The coffee in your cup depends on freshness, the quality of the beans and less on the roasting. You can roast it yourself at home, but better yet subscribe to fresh roasted SHB coffee delivered to your door once or twice a month.
[1] organic or chemical free
[2] odd sizes apply to Robusta