Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Dunkin Donuts and the Cost of Coffee; How to Brew a Good Cup of Coffee

Coffee prices on the commodity market run their highest in a decade, and the good stuff is expensive, but maybe not by the cup. Consumers claims the good coffee is often less expensive by the cup because you need less of it to get the full rich taste.

This morning, I measured my small press with a measuring cup and found it to brew just over one and a half cups. I weighed my scoop of coffee as 0.27 oz. The coffee sells for approximately $16 per pound that's $1.00 per ounce or $0.27 a scoop. Dividing that by one and a half cups makes it $0.18 per cup, substantially less than store bought coffee. Admittedly, my small press captures more of the rich taste of the good coffee.