Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Why would anybody drink cheap store coffee, robusta, secondario or sun grown plantation coffee when the same 22 cents a cup buys the best mountain grown organic SHB Arabica? The stomach knows and so does the kidney. (SIC)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Yes indeed, Keller comments on hand picked coffee referencing unripe beans in your cup. The harvesting machine is color blind: ripe, diseased, or just right, all beans end up in your cup. The beans pick up on the chemical pesticides as well.

The best criteria I know of for healthy and good tasting coffee demands SHB Arabica, organic, rain forest grown, chemical free, hand picked and preferably fair trade.

Although the later fair trade definition gets widely abused, one can more or less depend on its validity from the  remote high mountain regions. The Mayan indigenous farmers with their tiny uncultivated hectors on the steep volcanic mountainsides pool their harvest in small local cooperativas.

These primitive origions secure the enviroment as well, where the coffee trees grow in symbiotic harmony with the forest.