Friday, April 22, 2005

Quetzaltepeque, Guatemala

Diane has been busy cupping volumes of mediocre coffee until this morning. Opening a new sample from Quetzaltepeque Volcano the test roaster produced the best brew yet. This has been a poor year in GU due to lack of rain. The price was up. The coyotes bought up coffee otherwise promised to the cooperativas. The good stuff is scarce. These newly arrived SHB Arabica beans, however are the best. It is probably due to this wet area of dense forest benefiting from the dryer weather. The high altitude shade grown volcanic coffee tastes best. QV is 1,903m or 5,700'. The challenge of course is in the logistics. The family farmers hand pick the beans and carries them through the dense forests for processing. Needless to say we have purchased all we can get of these Quetzaltepeque Strictly Hard Beans. These beans will soon be available in a dark roast and in a house blend from Earth Friendly Coffee.

We are still looking for qualified marketing people. If you are qualified and want to do good works in supporting disadvantaged family farmers, promoting ecologically beneficial farming techniques and distributing chemical free geneticly true beans of the highest quality, you might apply. If you are a non-profit looking for a fund raiser --- there is none better.

"The higher up the mountainside, the sweeter grow the cherries."