Thursday, November 03, 2005


For Immediate Release WheatRidge, Colorado November 3, 2005

Earth Friendly Coffee’s Anthony Pena is in Guatemala surveying the damage done by the hurricanes to the coffee, the mountain roads and the bridges. Coffee will be difficult this year; at least one mountain village suffered a devastating mudslide.

Earth Friendly promotes social justice by paying more than Fair Trade prices to the indigenous mountain farmers who otherwise suffer financial hardship and exploitation. By working directly with the farmers and their cooperativa, these good families realize a fair share of the revenue and can begin to improve their lives.

These small farmers high on the volcanic mountainside enjoy the stewardship of the very best coffee. Far from the roads and mechanized farms of the valley, these shade grown coffee trees in volcanic soil, above 5,000 feet, meticulously cultivated and hand picked receive the highest quality grading of SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) Arabica.

The earth and the birds win as well. Chemical free, genetic selection from centuries of care, preservation of vital rain forests, organic mulching and fertilization make this sustainable commodity an asset to the environment. There is no doubt that such ecologically friendly coffee is healthier for the consumer as well.

Anthony Pena is a native of North Denver with a degree in computer science. He and the founder of Earth Friendly Coffee, Diane Hughes, a former Diamond Hill IBM marketing manager are the principals in this social entrepreneurial enterprise. Anthony’s computer skills contribute to the Internet presence,, and supply chain that characterizes Earth Friendly’s unique marketing strategy.

Anthony will meet with the growers in many mountain villages, with the Guatemala agent, with shipping, security and the roaster. Earth Friendly delivers freshly roasted wholesale coffee by air directly from Guatemala. EFC offers non profit fund raisers the opportunity to earn funding, offering the highest quality specialty coffee to their members and supporters at a fair price; it also promotes social justice for the indigenous growers, and serves the environment as well. That’s a quadruple win.

The Earth Friendly Coffee Company is a Colorado corporation with offices at 4350 Wadsworth Blvd. suit 240. You can buy Earth Friendly Coffee at Gold’s Market, 26th & Wadsworth; Heinie’s Market, 44th near Ward Road or on the Internet from your favorite charity, church, school or team. Anthony or Diane can be reached at 303 641-4283.